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Nasdaq listing, 1 Year on.

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    Well it's been almost a year since the much hyped Nasdaq listing which launched Incannex in the USA.

    At the time of listing, IHL were trading at 63 Cents AUD. TODAY we are at the dizzying heights of 16.5 Cents.

    A loss of over 73%.

    Company announcement by the Board at the time stated :

    " that by achieving a dual listing on Nasdaq, the Company is now more accessible to a wider audience of investors with sophisticated understandings of medicinal Cannabinoids, Psychedelic therapies, and pharmaceutical development ".

    So, I ask this. Do you believe the Nasdaq listing has been of any benefit to IHL ?

    Does anyone check the Nasdaq prices ? Did anyone buy these ?

    They certainly DO NOT lead the way, and those investors have coped an absolute beating as well.

    Not once, in any following IHL announcements have I seen any mention of the listing. Perhaps embarrassed by the failure.

    Much hype, but mainly fizzle. Then was the time to sell. Thoughts anyone ?
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Currently unlisted public company.

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