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nal patch for melanotan....?

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    Just a theory.....

    Noticed this on the presentation sent out toady.

    EPT is developing its 'Patch Technology' at Monash Uni...

    Given the collaboration with Monash Uni & Norwood Abbey on it's immunology project (& a 3 % stakeholding in this), there may also be potential for the teaming up with EPT & NAL, given their Laser - patch drug delivery technology.

    Anyone have any thoughts on this....?

    Then again they may not need the laser technology, since this would perhaps be contrary to their desire to have a 'slow release' & take home method of distribution.

    Also I wonder if the patch/ cream idea is not a favourable one as the Melanocytes in the skin in the area of the patch application may recieve a disproportionately higher dose of Melanotan?? Therefore an uneven tan??


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