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    Watched NAL today very closely. I constantly saw the stock being sold at 90c then come back to 90 91 most of the day. It tipped 89c a few times but regained support each time.
    Seems to me that the stock was getting support at the 90c range. A major crossing of 150,000 at 90c went through at around 3.27 today, which helped give it a little push back toward 91c. Support came later in the day to maintain it above these levels. Accumulation I dont know, but I will watch with interest the outcome of the listing due tonight in the UK.

    NAL may have reached its stage 1 support level & be ready for its climb back up. The announcement yesterday re affirms its capacity to generate revenue. This is a stock that will find better support soon. Listign or no listing NAL has plenty on the go, and with revenue streams in place must be a good prospect.

    From an technical RSI perspective around the levels of 30 to 35 currently indicate to me the stock may have found a bottom, each time it has hit this indicator it has rebounded.

    We will have to see
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