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    hoping for a bit of a bounce from here, but probably not.

    If they start selling down from 60 cents u could easily c it drifiting down too the low fifties.

    04/04/2001 54cent low and on the 19/06/2001 a low of 61cents.

    Thats why i bought in today, look for opportunities Doc, dont throw your money on stock just because its going up.

    And if it holds i wont be waiting for it to get back one dollar.

    High sixties and i will get the hell out of there.

    Always take profits.

    Do i have too remind u "cash is King"

    Dont be too much in a hurry.

    Also do some paper trades first before u throw down your cash.

    What happens Doc many push up the price on big expectation and when these expectation dont eventuate the stock starts being sold off like here with NAL. I hope this ansers your question on how i stated previously "no news"

    Goodluck Doc

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