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    You're such a fukwit you're bloody unreadable. It's like talking with a block of concrete.
    I do have some intelligence; you might also have some but you're certainly cum-ouflagelating it well! Try using it!
    The more evidence one gives to you of your hatred for anything different, the more evidence you show of it. The more evidence one gives you of the need for knowledge (and thus perception) to be cross-fertilised with brains from across the world, the more you show your need to curl up into your fetus position and be sucked back into your mommy's womb!
    The more evidence one shows you that xenophobia is the death of any civilization the more you blurt on about your pure western ways. They don't exist, you fukwit. They're words shoved down your throat by... well I don't know who your influences were when you were young:parents, teachers, rabbis, priests -but they were narrow-minded hyper conservative priks! Nothing to do with growth but all to do with withering and premature death!
    A good strong, confident democracy can absorb everything that's good and repel everything that's bad; and in doing so, it will grow, both in numbers as well as in its virtue. Your great fears about the muslims would be totally placated if you had some faith in democratic process and if you nurtured that process, instead of building huge walls of BS around it. The very muslims you're afraid of would work towards strengthening Democracy. Isn't that what you want? The very muslims you're so phobic about (urged on by the likes of yip, yak and snooks) would make sure that fundamentalism, which is really at the core of your phobia, would not have a chance of surving within this strong democracy.

    No matter what one says to you, you keep falling back on... "shlt I'm afraid of da muslims!" Man, you ought to be afraid of the war mongers. Of the self serving mega rich who now work like unleashed automatons in their final hour, raping everything and ripping everything apart, slaughtering and filling your TV with blood and gore. Switch off the fukin Days of our Lives and open your eyes to what's going on in this world...

    Either that or keep yourself occupied by staying glued to the scorpion's leg!
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