nagasaki vs iraq......

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    Hundreds turned up

    Can you believe that????

    Atomant and "hordes" of similar-minded loony leftists of the braided armpit brigade!

    Yet as pathetic as that is - none ever showed up to protest the Shussein reign.

    Hundreds at Nagasaki Day rally
    August 9, 2003

    HUNDREDS of peace protesters staged a rally in Melbourne today to mark the anniversary of the Second World War atom bombing of Nagasaki.

    Members of the Victoria Peace Network (VPN), and the Medical Association for Prevention of War (MAPW) took to the streets of Melbourne to show their opposition to nuclear weapons.

    MAPW spokeswoman Giji Gya said more than 600 people took part in the rally.

    "The rally was part of a nationwide event to mark Nagasaki Day and to show our opposition to nuclear weapons," she said.

    "People lay down in the street and we drew chalk around them to represent the people killed in Nagasaki.
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