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Nabtrade to deal in International shares

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    Hopefully that means that should I decide to liquidate my LNC shares they will be able to execute the transaction ....not that I ever intended selling .
    Whatever happened to the Dr Kent Moors story of immense pressures near blowing the well head off in previous drilling rounds .......suddenly everything is doom and gloom ......how can these experts get it so wrong?
    Linc is the only company Moors recommends having no stop.
    Perhaps Bond should take a look at New Zealand's East coast where the shale rock is 12 x thicker than the Bakken and gas shows are considered so dangerous that Tag drilling there had to be suspended.....all that's required is a little thinking outside the square .....seal the top, seal it a second time and capture what's below .With it sitting on loose stony soil and a known earthquake fault line with over 300 oil seeps it's just waiting for the next genius to solve the problems ......there was a time when we all thought Bond would have been equal to such a task and perhaps he still is .....so long as we have someone else controlling the finances
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