You would think that would apply... by law if you enter a shop...

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    I was just going to say this is all sounding a bit dodgy tongue.png
    I do agree on Commsec One. The general Commsec is a pain to deal with but once advanced to Commsec One you get dealt with quit well. From memory standard trade rates were better with NAB but now I'm with Commsec One I think they are pretty much on par if not better. Furthermore, the issues with Viewpoint they have been very keen to help get them fixed. Now in direct contact with Iress where they are working on a number issues that I have raised.
    You would think that would apply... by law if you enter a shop and find a fridge for sale marked as $20, the shop must sell it to you for the $20 so if they displayed that price for the stock.. then that was their offer to you. Overall, I'm sure all these platforms would hold insurance for sure issues.. or I would at least think so.. in the case of that $80k.. and I'm sure there have probably been larger amounts, they would not want to leave themselves exposed to recuperate that through $20 trade costs wink.png
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