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    I just did a check with Harvey World Travel under the new arangements with the National Gold Reward program. Now I have recently booked a trip with QANTAS Frequesnt Flyer using points I converted at 1:1 from my National Gold Rewards Program (associated with my VISA card). Now the whole trip (Perth Melbourne, Melbourne Sydney, Sydney MT Hotham, Mt Hotham Sydney, Sydney Perth) cost me 40000 points.

    I checked with Harvey (after being put through to them by NAB) and the exact same trip will cost me 140000 points if I booked this way. Yes that is correct, ONE HUNDRED AND FORTY THOUSAND POINTS

    So, my advice is that if you have points in this program, CONVERT THEM to QANTAS before the 15th June!

    This is a total joke. The cost comparison is not even in the same city never mind ball park. Harvey said that the way they calculate points is by multiplying the dollar value by 100. So a trip that would cost $1400 will cost you 140000 points. So even with the 1/3 increase in conversion rate to QANTAS points, you are still better by a country mile, converting them to QANTAS than using them to book through Harvey.

    NAB top end must really think we are fools and their bean counters and marketing people must be brain dead! And for this "extra service" we must now pay $33 per year. NAB are insane and have just lost my card business!
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