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mystery of the reliance dyke bulge

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    UFX...... after your comments about the mystery of the Reliance dyke, & how PJ rates it highly, i did a little investigation & MAY have stumbled upon the co. that from 1881 - 83 actually mined the Reliance dyke bulge.

    also, there is a chance that when the TRANSIT of VENUS GOLD and QUARTZ MINING COMPANY abandonned the mine, due to "insufficient capital", that they left behind some good tonnes of payable ore just sitting on "the grass". if so, PJ would get a good idea of grade from this small stockpile of ore.

    before i go any further i will add that i have asked MCO if indeed this was the co. that mined the Reliance dyke & as of yet this has not been confirmed. so this is all speculation on my behalf atm.

    my intrique about Reliance dyke, besides UFX's talk with PJ, is based on MCO's last annoucement where "recent sampling and mapping...has been very encouraging...".

    the location of where the TRANSIT of VENUS GOLD and QUARTZ MINING COMPANY where mining, at a dyke" one mile and a half from the celebrated Rose of Denmark", seems to place it in the right spot to where the Reliance dyke is situated.

    especially as the dyke was "about 1,800 ft above Moonlight Creek".

    " This claim consisted of 20 acres of fine auriferous land, with a shaft 45ft. deep & a tunnel 240ft. long".

    in october, 1882 they did their first "clean up and from 80 tons of quartz obtained 60oz. of amalgam. This is considered highly satisfactory, as nearly 10 tons of the stuff put through was quartz mullock for starting the machine with".

    in all the TRANSIT of VENUS GOLD and QUARTZ MINING COMPANY did 3 "clean up's" before going out of business in 1883. the area proved too inaccessible & it seems that they had "insufficient capital" to continue the operation. so they closed shop. leaving what promises to be a major gold discovery 130 years later - if this is indeed the fabled Reliance dyke bulge that MCO today consider so prospective.

    the reason i believe that there is a stockpile of ore sitting "on the grass" is due to this quote :'The proprietors had some 20 or 25 tons of stone to grass, but, owing to the distance and ruggedness of the country, the packer stayed [ie. stopped] packing as soon as the weather broke badly, and consequently only 7 tons reached the mill'.

    if i have mis-cued in believing that the Transit of Venus was mining the Reliance dyke then all it really means is that MCO have another prospective dyke, with a proven past history of payable gold, that needs further investigation with the diamond drill.
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