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my view given to a piece of scum

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    Kook your analysis of companies is totally share price driven, you are completely wrong, for instance (and I did make this point once before) you obtain information from others who perhaps have a different investment perspective, trade a stock for extreme short term gain, then rubbish the company afterwards on the BB---you once traded CAT and then as stated then called the company crappy right after--since your comments CAT have obtained a notice of allowance in The U.S. for an all embracing patent and three other patents pending to be applicable in a number of country's and with Visa International are launching the new Smart Visa right accross the United States--all of that to you doesn't matter, the share price retreats a dollar and you have no moral scruples whatsoever in rubbishing and giving incorrect and I might say quite brief analysis, if there is any at all.
    Ebet is a different company----your analysis is dangerous for all who read it, for you see as stated yesterday if I had a comforatble holding in Ebet I wouldn't be at all concerned, just enjoying the investment, the distribution gives the stock greater liquidity and ultimately this is one of the requirements for margin lending (that and market cap) On top down analysis the gaming sector is bullish and we can pay a premium for expected eps growth of between 2 and 3c by 2003.
    With your BB comments they are always done at buy in points--who are you kidding? If I compare real live market depth with the BB and look at your posts, the timing is many times to the second.
    I repeat your a dishonest person, disreptuable, this is my view of you, I think you asked earlier about the 19.59 level---yes this is one level in Ebets sharetrend, with the distribution I don't think it will go back all the way to 13c---I didn't think CAT would drop to 20c either I thought CAT would hold a fib retracement and I was correct.(just a bunch of shysters writing 20c)
    My offcial view is around 16 17c strong support exists, would be the maximum drop--the current share price is 19 with today's low being 18c--what is the problem?--seventeen to sixteen cents in my book would be the very worst for Ebet--so all your talking about mr extreme high risk anxiety daytrader driven daytrader is a couple of cents at the most, for that 1 or 2c you put other people who have been kind to you through the mill.
    Going the other way to the upside 19.5 is resistance and then 20.5-----23.
    The average price people have paid over the last 50 days is higher than the average price paid over 200 days so it is bullish.
    The volume is now higher over 50 days than 200 days indicating increasing interest.
    High 96c March 8th 2000
    82.5%------ 96c------79.2 equals 16.8c
    To be bullish medium term obviously it has to break over 23--then the next figure is 27.6 to be back on a truly bullish trend 52.8c
    Detailed Quote for Tuesday, April 23, 2002 3:49 PM
    Company Name: Ebet
    Dow Jones Industry: Not Available
    Exchange: Sydney ASX
    Shares Outstanding: 142,001,836
    Market Cap: 27.0 Million
    Short Interest: Exchange provides no short interest data.
    52-Week EPS: n/a
    52-Week High: 0.295 on Monday, June 04, 2001
    52-Week Low: 0.13 on Wednesday, December 19, 2001
    P/E Ratio: n/a
    Yield: n/a
    Average Price: 0.2075 (50-day) 0.1825 (200-day)
    Average Volume: 290,300 (50-day) 215,600 (200-day)
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Currently unlisted public company.

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