my top stock pick for 2003/04

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    Okey Dokey Folks,

    I've finally been successfull after 2 months of accumulation in gaining a position I want in this this highly unrecognised stock which I am tipping to at the very minimum double this financial year.

    Let's see if anyone can guess what it is but here are a few clues-

    It trades between 6-7c
    There are 144mil shares on issue
    It is VERY thinly traded
    Top 20 holds are around 90% of stock with Top 4 around 80%
    It had revenues of between $30-$40mil in 2002/03
    It's Profit AFTER tax was around $2.5-$2.7mil

    Anyone guess what my stock tip above of 2003/04 is???
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