my top 5 for 2003

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    Just for fun I have chosen my top five shares whom I think will perform the best for 2003. I have tried to choose shares from different sectors. I do own three of the following.

    SGW - Has been hammered recently and is making a good return. Gold will continue to climb.

    WES - Very smart company and very good dividends. Watch for their next purchase.

    CML - A bad performer in 2002 and must be ready to turn around soon.

    BWA - A small but good banking performer with good dividends. Has huge potential.

    AMP - Not sure of this one. A very company that has fallen from grace, but I am expecting a better performance this year.

    My roughly

    MJN - A shocking year, but viewing their last announcement I believe we will see a huge turn around and at their current price should be easy money.

    I have recorded these to see how I go.

    Best of luck to all this coming year
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