SBS 0.00% 2.9¢ sub-sahara resources nl

my take--

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    Have control of very valuable ML,s in Eritrea and Tanzania, and very large area,s of granted leases, in a country that dosen,t have even 1 mine, which is not surprising considering the now past insurgency, their interest in Dewabra is very valuable and this huge deposit has been the major interest in Eritrea for 40 years , as this drilling is really a pre feasibility confirmation study of early drilling to JORC, and has been fast tracked by Sunridge Gold Corp. Ca. , at time of agreement SGC were under 40c, now $3.45., up 20c Fri. SBS in selling controlling interests in their most advanced projects, as I have noted, with Lakota, having now over doubled in original price and 1 for 2 split, Sunridge shares are going to go crazy after the major Canadian brokers visit in Nov.

    The ZARA prospect, I believe, is going to be that rich, just going by Dragon,s early rock chip,s, that compressed corridor is going to be SBS,s main objective I feel.
    BUT !! Mr. C Crabb why did you post this--??

    If you look at the overview presentation given at the Africa DownUnder Conference last week you note that the Canadian market is valuing the Asmara/Debarwa project at a multiple to what the AUS market is attributing to SBS (and SBS has a lot of other assets).

    Last time I did a back of the envelope calculation the SGC share price was valuing SBS's interest in the SBS/SGC deal at around 20cps - but please do your on calculations from the data and apply your own discount/ risk factors for such relative valuations

    After doing that and taking into account SBS's other assets I clearly think SBS is significantly undervalued and if you do your research hopefully you will also come to the conclusion it has a long way to go, and thats why I topped up my holding another 1m shares or so recently

    Colin Crabb
    Director SBS.

    You failed to mention that your 1 million new shares are only partly paid to 0.001c.

    C,mon Mr. Crabb, explain yourself, you posted on a public forum, now post again, I would be very interested in your reply.
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