My Stanley knife purchase

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    I have always had a Stanley knife;for those who do not know what it is,it is known as a box cutter in the US and was used to highjack the planes in the 9/11 attacks;we use it to cut carpet etc.It often disappears when you need it and reappears after you have used the carving knife instead.This time it seems to have done its final disappearing trick.So off down to Bunnings for a new one.Crikey,they want $14-62 for a new one,must be because they are an American company,exchange rates and all that.what else is on offer,generics?Here's one at $2-90,looks the same,better still some at $1-90 in plastic bag in large bin,no fancy packing.Decide to buy one of each of the cheaper ones,see how the quality varies;also I have a chance of finding one of them when the need arises.What made me really think was how the Stanley Tool Company sells anything,and how America sells anything.
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