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    I've been getting rather frustrated with the losses in my margin trading [ in MYO, CPU,BBG, SIG] .. ... and so I went looking yesterday for a suitable exploration stock [ by suitable one with an attractive { maybe undiscovered} story which can double in the next little while. Aztec was one of four that I put in a total of 3 hours research [ visiting web-sites, ASX announcements , talking to broker-advisers]. The fact that Societe Generale and CTIC have spent hard cash to buy their respective 5% and 2.7% stakes was definitely compelling. I offered the SG man [ who works for Nick Farr-Jones] an option over their 15m shares " no we're in for the upside" he intoned. The MD Mr matich hadn't [yet] returned my call. I printed the glossy full colour promotional stuff to take home to my 2 year old son . He has been freshened by the sale of his Promina @$3.15 ..which he bought at $1.70 in the float.
    I would let him be the ultimate arbiter ...and not yield to my rampant cynicism.
    Well...he dived in and bought 600,000 [email protected] hesitation.
    he expected me to follow his lead ..which I felt I had to do .....and bought 500,000 [ not wanting to outdo him].
    Did I do the right thing?
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