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    Ten days out and what a dissapointment.

    Leaderless we blunder on.

    So why do I say this?

    Each life is a spiritual journey in a physical body. We choose and we experience.

    Democracy keeps us free to enjoy the fruits of our experiences.

    If we are lazy, waste our money, live beyond our means, can't support ourselves or our large family, we choose poverty and become poor.

    If we work, invest, save, live within our means we become wealthy. We thereby give ourselves more experiences and choices.

    The process of Government is to keep order, then let each of us live our own life.

    Our so called leaders have perverted the system. Each are now in a bidding war to see who can buy votes by taking from the prudent and giving to the wasteful.

    But the prudent deserve to keep what they earn. This encourages prudence and self reliance. So too the wasteful deserve what they choose. The pain gives motivation for change. Taking from the rich and giving to the poor weakens the strong and enslaves the poor.

    Our democracy is at an all time low and we desperately need a real leader, or are we just getting what we deserve as we head further into debt, destroying our nation to serve our weakest links rather than building our strengths.

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