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my rocket award for next week

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    hi guys..

    it's a little early, seeing this week hasn't yet finished.

    but i'll give it a little earlier this week..

    nido is my rocket for next week..(only a guess)

    funding announcement early next week..(if not below will be the week after)

    which imo will be extremely positive.

    we haven't had a good run now for sometime, and i guess many investors are just itching for the buy button.

    which ever way you look at it, david will have golac up and running.

    even if he pumps the black stuff out of the ground himself..

    besides most of the shares are in the wife's name, so she'll squeeze his plums if things don't get a move along.

    it will be a big announcement giving a rundown on the details.

    so it will run very hot...........


    high risk high rewards..


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