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    Well, not only mine. I have heard from a number of sources (who say they are well connected?) that it is now likely that Tony will have to soon step aside for Julie Bishop as PM; Scott Morrison as Deputy and; Malcolm Turnbull as Treasurer.
    Perhaps big Joe may get Communications? (Slash the A(LP)BC by 25% Joe!)

    Personally, I like Tony, and he is a far better person than the union thug on the other side, however, I am honest enough to realistically contemplate that the above scenario could unfold sooner than later?

    If that scenario is to evolve, then will an anticipated top team experiencing a resurgence in the polls, and the lacklustre Shorten continuing to acquiesce regarding concrete policies, the government MAY be tempted to call a DD later in the year. Let's hope so!

    The country, and the States are becoming almost ungovernable following the hung Parliaments seemingly inspired by the Rudd/Gillard/Rudd disasters.
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