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my prediction

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    ok, I can be wrong here.

    but I think it is quite hard to chase people for money, for those holding big lot, they know they can't pay up, for those holding small lot, most probably won't pay and hence they have to send debt collector which costs time and money.

    so what's the best way to get out of this situation?
    as an underwriter, it is probably quicker to get it over with, and buy the stocks back at 0.0001c.

    yes, that's right. they won't go over that price either, just 0.0001c. if you are willing to hold, then you will pay the installment, otherwise you will sell, and underwriter pay up and forget about all these debt collectors and chasing people up for money.

    Everyone's happy.

    I think this may happen closer to the payment date.
    If I am the underwriter, I would probably do it.
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