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     Are Alpha and his cronies full of mischievious intent.?

     Just as much as they accuse GCN supporters of running when all you have
    been doing is providing

    sound and rational industrial research and analysis, they
    can only and only

    ever rely on deceptions and  innuendos.

     Are they not now just as guilty of making every attempt to run the
    share price down?

    Attacking  GCN for its historical price fall without looking at the
    bigger picture and without

    reminding the posters that the entire market had been falling for over 3

    years and during that time many many small cap tech and media companies

    actually disappeared.

    You cannot as a small cap, neither can big cap
    company, run against the broader market trend.

     So if GCN price fell when the entire market fell, must it imply
    something wrong with the company?

    So when the entire market fell over the last 3 years, does it imply all

    that fell in price in the past 3 years must have bad businesses?

    The Alpha gang is stretching the imagination and
    insulting the intelligence of HC

    posters and visitors.

    The Alpha gang are expert in every subject on every stock. They must be
    billionaires by now for being 100% stock pickers, yes,

    in Iraqi currency. Alpha should apply for the job to run AMP perhaps. Alpha

    must have grown rich enough to gloriously retire as he must have picked

    correctly every stock in the universe. So, why has he come back from

    retirement, what, he actually did not make his millions?

    And he needs to ramp GCN down to make a buck because he has shorted the
    stock? Or what has

    he got against  GCN's  MD Richard Li personally, so let's come clean
    on this rather

    than insulting the intelligence of HC.

     If he has something personally against Richard Li, then Alpha should
    write to him personally or why not

    call him personally and settle his differences with him directly rather than

    hiding behind all these charades and attacking an Australian company that

    has won the support of the biggest company in the world.

     Stop wasting everybody else's time in reading his post against one and
    only one company

    in the world, GCN. What, Alpha cannot stand GCN for getting support from


    A wise man once said to me to be careful of people's jealousy.

    Because jealousy can kill. Well, Alpha can continue his personal vendetta

    against GCN beyond all reasons because the venom he has against this company

    is personal and unprecedented, and has now gone beyond all reasons, and he

    has to throw dirt when there is none to throw. Alpha will only destroy his

    own credibility.

    I am sure GCN is well prepared to stand up and be

    and prove a fool of Alpha and his lot

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