my option and warrant calculator

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    My option calculator is now available for download at

    it should start downloading automatically. You need excel to run it.

    This is designed for beginner option and warrant players who want to know fair value, or calculate implied volatility. It works just like the ASX website option calculator, except mine is written in excel, and you can do this faster on your desktop, than by going to asx via web all the time. For this reson, I felt there was a need to do it in excel.
    Click on the bottom tabs to navigate. Make sure you enable macros, read the 'read me' tab, and back up the file.

    If you know how to use excel, you can develop your own spreadsheets for portfolio management. I use it to run webqueries, autodetect new trades, and tell me the new IV, for instance. (Dont try this unless you are an advanced excel user!). You can do this by inserting the BSOPM formula into any cell you like, and referring it to any cell you like. See the read me notes for more info.

    If youre a beginner, then its best used for looking at option spreads, and trying to work out how far above fair value the current bid/ask is.
    Get access to an options site like commsec or sanford, or use the asx delayed values.Track actual sales against theoretical fair value over a week or so, to get a feel for what the market is doing.

    Have fun.

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