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Hi RAN58 .. not many people know this (RM does) that Ivermectic...

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    Hi RAN58 .. not many people know this (RM does) that Ivermectic effectively won a Nobel Price in 2015. In the acceptance lecture of the co-discoverer, Satoshi Omura placed Ivermectin in the top few compounds ever discovered by humanity- up there with aspirin & penicillin. It's an uplifting read.

    The discovery was in 1967 and Ivermectin was approved for human use in 1987. Approximately 250 million people took Ivermectin in 2015 ... yes that's 250 million people - perhaps 3.7 billion doses now given in total with remarkably few side effects.

    I've taken the view for a year or so, that for monepantel to be mentioned in the same breath as this superstar is exciting. That ignores the gormless media who regularly portray ivermectin as some dangerous untested drug. They both passed their antiparasitic screen test first and are now passing other screen tests in a slightly different order. Google "ivermectin mTOR" to see it's also showing anticancer ability. We also know that they're complimentary drugs, ie in Zolvix Plus.

    I feel that there's action somewhere ahead of us .......................................................................
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