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    for speculators only.
    however i think this australian weapons company has finally been revealed to have moved to a new level.

    at first(3 years ago), there was excitement that the usa department of defense were interested enough to spend about 100 million to look into the technology.

    as good as this was, it only meant the company had a chance.the usa dod pour money into lots of promising technologies.

    so what has happened since?

    lot's of little things like
    -co founder of aol with a net worth of 700million invests in the company at 1.45
    -"defense news" says the company has caught the eye of the the head of the OFT(office for transformation)19/11/02
    -an article written by the editor at large of the washington times, indicates one of the reasons rumsfield dropped the crusader tank development was because of the australian weapons company.

    also the company has attracted further r&d money and entered into new development agreements.

    all encouraging, still no massive contract or broad development agreement with a company like general dynamics or boeing.................

    some brilliant research has revealled that this company may have gone to the next level in a big way.

    that is, gone from being of interest, to being part of the planning for future programs by the major american defense companies.the research is all on ,under the code for the companies adr's on nasdaq.

    if interested,you will have to read all the posts by sweeder.especially the ones under the headings "everyone know" and "bigger than mark50".you will need a few hours to do it properly.

    still speculative but i think there is more than enough evidence to conclude the company has moved way beyond being a technology of interest, to the us department of defense and a very large defense company.
    th upside is huge if this companies products become an integral part of the massive us military .the 2003 budget for research,evaluation and procurement is 56 billion.
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