my favourite poem

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    Tears flow from my eyes
    aches ebb from my heart
    unrest is all around me
    humanity astounds me.

    I do not know what haunts me
    what saddened my mind all day
    an age-old tale confounds me
    a spell I cannot allay.

    Bleakness fills my soul
    helpless, out of control
    Oh Lord, take me away
    I wish not one more day.

    Sleep is good
    death is better
    but best of all
    is never to have been born.

    Heinrich Heine
    German tortured soul of Jewish origin, who was more highly regarded in France, England, and America than in his native country. Heine lived at a time of major social and political changes: the French Revolution (1789-99) and the Napoleonic wars influenced deeply his poetry and thinking. He died in Paris, where he had lived from 1831 as one of the central figures of the literary scene.

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