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my exile will start now...

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    Now is my time to leave the MXR thread. I promised that I would if the share price was not 30 cents by the end of December - as mentioned before, I did not believe that nothing would be drilled by the end of 2009. Quite pis*ed that nothing has been drilled actually. The MXR share price is only 1/10th of my prediction, hence, the reason I need to quit the MXR threads.

    Lets just hope the drilling campaign starts sooner than later in the New Year.

    To all the fellow MXR holders who believe in the company - keep on posting and I will read and enjoy (Sentia, Fats, Sharetrader etc) - keep up the good work.

    Watso - keep doing what you do I guess (keeps the thread interesting at time), but once the results are announced I am pretty sure you will have to leave the thread because the downramping wont be valid when the drilling results prove up to be a beauty (at both Canegrass and Deloraine).

    I am locked and loaded with a 7 digit amount of shares so I will be patiently waiting!!!

    biggz out for 09-10 until I see my 30cents...
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