my dog needs a knee operation

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    My dog (Labrador 11 years old has been limping for a month with a back leg injury.
    my son took him to the vet today and the diagnosis is a knee problem - "Ruptured cranial Cruciate ligament".
    I am now under pressure from wife and kids to commit to surgery (around $4500) but my instinct tells me to wait for a month to see if it heals thyself.
    Also I have had knee problems before including surgery (I know I am not a dog) and one of my knees healed thyself.
    The pressure is mounting and Im digging in at the moment as I need more info to make a decision.

    The dog is limping but doesn't seem like great pain. And weve all had leg injuries without getting an operation

    Has anyone had a similar injury with their dog.

    my concerns are:
    - is the vet correct (I only had a meniscle tear in my knee)
    - will an Xray prove it
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