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    Well to say the least, it's been an interesting week.

    Aurion Gold (AOR)

    Today I sold AOR, realising only a very small profit.

    I should have bloody sold them at $3.70.

    I still believe the POG will come good over the coming months, but the risk is it could fall back to $390 in the short term.

    Aurora Gold (AUG)

    I recently bought a parcel of shares in AUG. Aurora Gold has cash of about 14 cents per share, and significant assets. I understand that some value from the sale and development of those assets will be realised soon. There is potential for the mother of all capital returns.

    AUG is currently trading at 17 cents.

    Austral Coal (AUO)

    I made a good AUO trade over the past few days. You should check out the chart. It is perfect for traders.

    I will trade AUO again next week or even tomorrow if it comes back to meet my order.

    Results will be out soon, and I believe the market will be surprised on the upside.

    Coles Myer (CML)

    I would have had a great trade of the call warrants earlier. "The trade that never happened!"

    I was set to buy some cheap call warrants late this morning, but I had to attend an emergency meeting.

    I noted that CML bounced off its' long term support of $6.00, and held tight at 6.03, supported by a U bid at 6.02.

    At least it's only a lost opportunity as opposed to a loss.

    Australian Growth (AGW)

    Well, I bought these beauties yesterday. I intend on holding them for a while.

    They have a price earnings ratio of about 1.3 or something.

    I spoke with the CEO last night. He's meeting next week with Melbourne and Sydney based brokers to talk up his company.

    One reason AGW was sold off at the time it floated (a few weeks ago at 50 cents) is because the 400 or so shareholders prior to listing had been on the register for a number of years and could not exit or trade their holdings.

    Anyway, keep an eye on AGW - it's a great story that wont be at these levels much longer.

    AMP (AMP)

    Thank god I didn't buy the calls this morning!

    Anyway, that's it for now. I thought I'd just share my experiences with those that may be interested - (not that the missus isn't!)

    Regards and happy trading,

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