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my concerns about eif

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    I have been researching EIF with a view of possibly taking a position, and I have a couple of concerns/questions that I would like to share. If there is anyone that can provide some constructive responses I would be very appreciative.

    My main concern is about the intellectual property status. Not many patent applications have been filled (I think 7 all up), and not much has been announced about them.

    While all of the trials they have undertaken have come back with good prelim results, most of the collaborations have discontinued. If the technology works, and from all indications it appears to do so, then why have they been finding it difficult to enter into feasibility contracts? Is this a cause for concern?

    The insulin product sounds promising, but is very far away from commercialisation. Significant revenue would need to be generated in the meantime to keep the business afloat and give this product every chance. Otherwise, they will need to raise more capital and another placement would not be seen as favourable.

    I guess further to my concern about revenue generation, most of the revenue in the first half was due to interest earned on their deposits! They say US$200,000 for a feasibility study is the going rate, but they keep on entering into non-revenue research collaborations. The CEO is travelling all over the world marketing SCF, but I find it alarming that there has been very little flow on effects....
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