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    DJIA 11300 (Elliott) / Mar Equinox (personal cosmics) is my best guess for megabear C-1 intermediate wave low.

    If so that means 3 weeks of broader market capitulation wave mode possible and we will go with the wash.

    Hopefully we will be producing sometime in the C-2 rally later so we can be prepared for the "big'un" C-3 later (IMO)

    Meanwhile 156 should be tested on Monday and opens up Pandora's box below for our own "VIX".

    How many PATs placees still holding and thinking of jumping whilst still ahead? Thats the next wave IMO.

    Is MAR next XJO review time? Might actually be better if we are ejected tho might trigger some forced fund selling ? Whats the usual MO on this?

    Is GT presenting at this year's PDAC Mar 2 - 5? What could he say now ... he called 12 bucks FV 2 years ago.

    With all the cash burn into our own black hole, a PR pro would have been good relative value meantime. MISTAKE.

    Stamp duties dept should be impressed upon to close NOW otherwise there may soon not be any stamp duty issue to worry about.

    Whilst focusing on the (IMO mistimed) clone formalities now, have we been drilling the dry NSW ground during this time to offer some focus away from all the negativity in the wet Jungle ? Shouldnt need to ASK that Q.

    I am now a buyer on spec at market-induced firesale levels coming up (IMO) looking for tenbagger in 2009 - 2010 or 5 bagger takeout before then.

    However lotsa Neros fiddling while Rome burns.

    No news is taken as bad news. Forget reversal atm, DAMAGE CONTROL is what the focus should be to MINIMIZE the downpressure which is pushing us right into any waiting jaws.

    The TRAGEDY is the factors which are driving us down based unchecked PERCEPTION are indeed the same which should have taken us to ARK STATUS if already producing. Tragedy for holders that is, COMEDY for new players wanting in.

    Nothing our boys can do meantime in current market mood except LIMIT the DAMAGE and prevent the cannibals from taking over by simply saying hey bros, all is not lost, we just gotta get thru this final patch.

    IFF we survive corporately this will IMO be the best hedge /investment over a 3 - 5 time frame u could hope to find ... nothing changes fundamentally except our IGV gets more valuable by the day.

    PE 6 on likely oxides earnings would prob give us a 3 - 4 buck fair value on oxides alone at spot prices IMO.

    We need a friendly FACE to our battered Ark. Lets not be so naiive ... PERCEPTION can torpedo ability to realise.

    Come on guys, we are all in this and bleeding together with imaginations running WILD. We need an info TRANQUILISER or Im gonna end up with squillions of these on the cheap and be launching my own shark attack haha!

    This is gonna be an INTERESTING year all round and I still have faith in Ark theory within the GORM stagflationery Megabear still only in cruise mode (IMO).

    Good luck fellow rowers. Our resolve is likely to be further tested short term. I have naively held two-thirds of original holding thru this and still have BLIND FAITH in the excellence of the PROJECT to pull us through and provide the buffers to perfect stagflationery storm ahead.

    But my confidence in the ability of our leaders to READ THE MARKET and REACT APPROPRIATELY AND TIMELY to MINIMISE OUR RISK of losing this emerging GEM to SMARTER PLAYERS is being severely tested!



    Good LUCK to all.


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