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my call for this week

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    OK - so I decided this week I'd take a plunge into LHG - see how I go based on spending a lot of time researching a number of the oilers, resources, gold's and others etc etc.

    Reasons are many, but are based mostly on fundamentals, production and the general feeling that the stock is undervalued based on historical reports that hit production and the drop in the spot gold price.

    Oh, and comm bank taking 16m last week in shares . . if they are doing it then they have some sound advice behind them

    Reporting comes out 29th July, this gives me two weeks for a run . .

    I beleive this SHOULD be a $1.65 share . . . however may even stretch to a $1.80 . .

    Not looking for massive doubling etc - and this post isnt a ramp (see my signature) - just interested in others feedback
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