...my blood sample's gone missing !

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    ...like I tried to explain to the officer..."...it was getting late and I wanted to check my watch...the light was dim in the back of the bus that my local pub's fishing club hired for the day...so I got up on the back seat to take advantage of the street lighting , when my left shoelace came undun so I bent down to re-tie it ...and at that moment the belt buckle and zipper on my trousers failed and also at that precise point in time the elastic on my jocks snapped...which resulted in my buttocks being exposed ...and when the driver suddenly accelerated to avoid a collision with a stray dog ...the resultant force caused my buttocks to make contact with the rear window of the bus ...sort of in a side by side ...err ...rocking sort of motion...
    ...it was mere co-incidence that there happened to be a mini-bus full of Japanese tourists following us at the time...
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