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my bio tip for first half 2005

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    hi guys..

    i usually don't get into bio's but on this occasion i'll have a go at one.

    (crp) is my first half tip for 2005.

    tradeable share appox 37mill

    approx market cap $4.7mill

    this is just a gut feeling...

    07 Dec 2004 Cryptome Announces Drug Discovery Collaboration

    16 Dec 2004 Cryptome expands to Neuroinflammatory Diseases

    please seek professional advice

    Cryptone (CRP) is a drug discovery company focused on the development of
    protein-based medicines. The company specialises in cardiovascular disease and
    is planning to expand into therapeutic areas such as cancer.

    CR001: The lead compound is being investigated and validated as a Tissue Factor
    (TF) inhibitor anticoagulant. Experiments showed that CR001 interferes with the
    TF factor, which may cause less bleeding as a side effect treatment having
    potential in venous and arterial thrombosis.

    TECHNOLOGY: CRP has developed a range of intellectual products that include
    CRYPTOKINE, novel biologically active molecules liberated by the cryptomic
    process. CRYPTOCLAST, innovative platform technologies for drug discovery.
    CRYPTOLIB, novel enriched biological libraries for drug discovery programs.
    CRYPTOARRAY, libraries of molecules arrayed systematically to facilitate assays.
    CRYPTOSCREEN, innovative screening approaches to identify biologically active
    compounds. CRYPTOTEST, new diagnostic tools based on the CRYPTOME concept.
    Therapeutic markets relevant to drug discoveries via CRP 's products have
    potential applications in cardiovascular disease, cancers, inflammatory
    disorders (e.g. asthma, arthritis, atheroma), neurological disorders (eg
    dementia) and gastro-intestinal diseases.

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