KTE 0.00% 1.8¢ k2 energy limited.

My best find since PSY

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    No cash, and they don't need any cos they dont pay themselves anything.

    Never seen a co more aligned with shareholder's interests

    They know they are worth multiples of current share, management's share holdings will take care of monetary compensation when market realises what they have.

    What do they have...

    Well - probably the single most lucrative technology on the ASX, with the exception of AZK if AZK pulls it off.

    Director Robert Mears - also known as one of the most pivotal inventors responsible for the development and expansion of the internet itself.

    "Dr. Robert J. Mears,

    MEARS Technologies' founder, president and chief technology officer, has 25 years
    of research experience in electronics and photonics and is the inventor of
    the erbium-doped fiber amplifier,
    which helped enable the broadband Internet."


    Robert Mears since founded Mears Technologies to commercialise his new invention, a technology that reduces gate leakage within semiconductors by 50%.

    Mears Technologies is too big for the ASX - it's about to list on NASDAQ.

    KTE holds around 13% of Mears Technologies.

    "The company’s unique abilities to generate new breakthrough material designs and assemble atoms into deliberately useful structures, opens the door to engineered materials with a phenomenal spectrum of possible properties that can become the core of a new generation of electronic devices."


    KTE is capped at $7.5 million.

    What is the market cap required for a company to do a direct IPO on NASDAQ?

    I am under the impression it is around US$150 million for a company with no existing revenues.

    Please correct me if Im wrong.

    13% of US$150 million = $AUD30 million.

    So that's 4 bags right there from current price.

    That's not taking into account any share price appreciation of Mears Technologies once it hits NASDAQ.

    Mears could quite easily grow to US$500 million cap on NASDAQ - they have already announced confidential commercial agreement with a global semiconductor company.

    In addition to KTE's 13% holding in Mears, KTE also holds 100% of the rights to MST (Mears Silicon Technology) for use in solar applications.
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