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    something i wrote abour PRR a week or so ago... havnt proof read it yet. Does anyone disagree with what i think. I would be interested to hear what you think.

    With regards to the right time to buy PRR, it should really be any time that will make a profit that satisfies my trading goals. BUT i think PRR is in no rush! I think if i buy in a month or even 2 i might see sub 30 levels. I was really hoping to see a support initiated breakout to judge market sentiment, but oh well... maybe in the next week when it drifts back down.

    I think for this one to SHOOT UP all we need are some more positive late phase trials, and that means patience......... but its such a fun rollercoaster ride up and down isnt it?

    comment on PRR written a week ago

    In the last 5 years of Prima biomed, there has been an almost cyclic style of trade. I became interested in it when a friend of mine tipped me that an ocologist who worked there deemed CancerVac a long term success. Basically there has been a base level of around 20 cents in between market sensitive announcements, with rising trends to around 40c directly following a positive announcement, with max peaks rising to 70-80 cents.

    We are currently in a typical half peak around the 35 cent mark, following positive phase 1b cancervac results. Instead of falling back to the 20 cent base line, we have been kept strong over the last month, at the 35 cent mark from other positive announcements such as the future prospect of the worlds first alzheimer vaccine, and the DCtag broad spectrum vaccine (cancer, parasites, viral).

    Their financials arent particularly strong, and wont survive for long periods (a year or more) without constant boost of cash from their patents. However, i have found no reason to beleive the company is badly managed-- actually quite the opposite. They have an amazing set of patents and subsidiary companies that are all in the revolutionary breakthrough areas of medicine (cancer + alzhiemers are giant markets, obviously). With first and last patent rights, If a 23 million market cap biotech can get their name heard in newspapers with positive results for cancer in their 1b trials, and if their phase 2 and phase 3 are similar... PRR will be pure gold. Takeover would be very possible, or if they hold strong independently, huge royalties (dividends possible for us).

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