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    Interesting to see the options finish at 6c today on good volume.

    I have noticed that the gap of 5c is allways generally maintained between the share price & the options.
    It might be suggested the share price in this instance is well below its correct price. A price above 10 - 11c by end of week is not out of the question.

    There is the opposite view on that I suppose, but MXE has been consistent in my view.

    I have been made aware that there is expected Asia announcements due shortly.
    Nothing has changed about MXE except the recent report by Price Waterhouse is significantly conservative in my opinion, factors of 40-50% risk adverseness built in, would seem typically over conservative.
    This is especially since Auditors are getting smacked around a bit of late.

    I have a feeling the open will be up tomorrow.

    All comments welcome

    I hold MXE
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Currently unlisted public company.

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