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must be the funniest stock on the asx

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    I was just 'DYORing' this company and have got to say that this company is one the most funniest company i have ever come across.

    I noticed that people had ramp that this stock will be 8c come next year LOL i will bet that this stock will stay at this level come this time next year.

    You gotta be s*%ting me right what type of company puts a full page write up bio about a director of a so called separate company and compares the director to the same level as the Packers and the Murdochs. Its as though the Directors kids had made this website. Man even christopher reeve in his special wheel chair could make a better website.

    You wanna hear a joke?

    This company is so poor that it can only afford a $9.95 telephone plan. Just have a look at their provider who the hell is

    Ok i could go on criticizing this company but i am tired and cant laugh anymore so gonna go to bed and hopefully i can dream up a company half as good as this one :P
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