muslims sorting out muslims

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    Hey Peaceniks, here's how your muslim mates deal with each other in Indonesia.

    from ABC Online;

    A Jakarta-based human rights group says more than 170 civilians have been killed in the first month of an Indonesian military offensive against separatist rebels in the Province of Aceh.

    A report by the Commission on Missing Persons and Victims of Violence says civilians in 12 districts in Aceh have become victims of what it calls "extrajudicial killings".

    It says data obtained from the field shows that the corpses of civilians carried gunshot wounds, indicating an unlawful execution process has been taking place.

    It says another 151 civilians have either been arrested or assaulted while 15 more had gone missing.

    The group says its report is based on compiled media reports and its own investigations.

    The report did not name any party as being responsible for the killings or abuses of human rights.

    But it did say the Indonesian Government's decision to impose martial law in Aceh was the cause.

    Dave R.
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