Muslim Multiculturalism immigration promotes pedophilia

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    Take note how Australia's leftist media doesn't come at this story with the usual "Pedofile, sex predator" etc tags that a white non mulsim male would receive.

    Also note how the court protects this pedofile by hiding his identity yet white non muslim pedofiles are named all the time.

    And Australians aren't even entitled to know who he is so he is free to continue preying on young children.

    What 27 year old wants to rape a 12 year old?

    "The court was told the man arrived in Australia in June 2013 and first saw the girl at a Hunter Valley mosque in November 2013.

    The now 13-year-old's pregnancy was revealed in a statement of facts tendered to the NSW District Court during a sentencing hearing for a 27-year-old Lebanese university student, who also cannot be named for legal reasons."
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