Muslim Law

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    Posted 09/08/02 19:25
    Member phart

    These people want us to accept and respect the Muslim culture they live in don't they?Then we should have them up in a special Muslim Law Court with muslim penalties.They still put people to death for rape,they still put people to death for adultery,they still stone people,they still lash people.Let's give them something from their old country to think about.
    Australia has been way soft on Immigration over the years and now is the time to only let in those that have made the application and passed the points test and criminal background test.
    This country is going down the tubes fast and one day people will stop and think what the hell happened.


    phart, I think the penalties you mention in your post only apply to women.
    I don't think it is illegal for men to do these things, but it is death to any women offender.

    Stealing is an offence for both sexes however, cutting off a hand is a muslim penalty for men and women.

    This religion, perhaps more than any other religion, is a throwback to the dark ages of humanity.

    Dave R.
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