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Murray Goulburn: Transparency needed over alternative bids for co-operative, page-13

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    Whether one likes it or not the Saputo offer is actually quite clever and certainly outsmarted the others as it had a milk supplier focus whilst denying the unitholders any parity benefit by way of the milk price incentive. Secondly was using an asset acquisition to both remove the litigation actions and the high acceptance threshold of shareholders.

    Someone did their homework and understood what levers to pull for a co-op acquisition. The next best offer was Fonterra as a merged co-op. The rest appear to have wanted the company as a whole and do various forms of restructure whilst still inheriting the legacy issues.

    I understand unitholders wanting as much cash as possible so they can walk away but it isn't as simple as that and some here don't seem to get it and continually shout for a "better deal". I suspect there isn't one when the fine details are looked at closely and all other matters are taken into account.
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