Murdoch's "Cunning Plan"

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    I think that NCP is a GREAT buy at these levels.

    The NCP deal involves Italy's 2nd pay tv network. Rupert owns the other one and is apparently being
    sued by the other network. Both operations are losing money. "Word on the street" is that Rupert is only talking about the takeover to avoid the "sue penalties". The deal is reliant on another party assuming 50% of the takeover cost and Rupert is having problems finding a partner.

    I reckon that the deal will fall through since nobody wants to buy into a loss-making organisation that cannot expect to make money for the next few

    ie. The deal will fall through and NCP's share price will recover because the Italy deal is what caused the shares to be punished.

    My belief too is that it is all part of Rupert's "cunning plan" to eliminate the competition. ie. They are already losing millions and cannot stay in business much longer. If Rupert fails to find a partner then the company will be perceived as being "a goner" and will die a miserable death, leaving "our boy" Rupert in charge of Italy's only pay-tv network. This is very much in his interest since it will reduce the prices that he has to pay for the rights to televise sporting events such as soccer and the Grand Prix in Italy, both of which the Italians are mad over.

    Any other thoughts on this, noting that the share price has started clawing its way back after the initial maket over-reaction?
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