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murdoch ?? - it's not over yet, imo

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    PG asked (over on OZ) ..... "LC, little interest in the market to the rumour of Murdoch - chances are it is another search engine that he is looking to acquire ?"

    I replied:

    Hi PG .... I do agree .......... That Volume overnight was not strong enough (UP only .01c at the close) and a .05cps rise in the SP (past 3 days) suggest 'punter' speculation, only. Not the 'right' money, I'm afraid. But it still depends on timing and I'm not discounting it completely, as yet.

    Date Open High Low Close Volume Adj Close*
    12-Aug-05 0.65 1,266,171 0.65
    11-Aug-05 0.64 0.66 0.62 0.64 1,178,900 0.64
    10-Aug-05 0.62 0.63 0.60 0.60 ...855,000 0.60

    < chances are it is another search engine that he is looking to acquire ? >

    Looksmart have both the "tools" and an (already) established infrastructure (3 Major publisher type signings recently) to make this "concept" of 'sharing content' work and for Murdoch to come 'on board' would definately ensure a (network) success. It's about attracting and retaining "eyeballs" to your (own) existing sites and at the same time, sharing 'networked' content with/from competitors thereby adding further strength to advertising appeal. (The need to win back as much of that $10B odd ADS 'spend' 2005, GOOG,YHOO & MSN have taken from 'old world' publishers, through search).

    David Hills (Looksmart's CEO) was interviewed at a recent Ipod.net conferance. ( I Heard it yesterday)

    (Link) ....... http://www.podtech.net/audio/looksmart/davidhills_sm.mp3

    Within it, Hills did say ...

    "We are very open to partnerships" .... And went on .....

    "We are actively talking to many companies ... those with a common interest ... perhaps even as an investment standpoint" - "To help them", is what he says.


    I wondered about the ................ "perhaps even as an investment standpoint" ????

    That was interesting ....

    Yes, it was Murdoch that has said the company (NEWS) is "in very advanced negotiations to buy a controlling interest in what we think is a wonderful search engine."

    LOOK is now 'set up' as a FULL package to suit ALL Publisher & Media Co requirements, with all that they could wish for. It would be 'ideal' & 'fits' the overall concept. The 'leverage' gained by Murdoch's sites from buying an 'interest' in Looksmart, is well worth consideration. Plenty of synergies plainly exist. (LOOK already have 3 Major Publishe/Media Co "deals" on board) - It's 'tailor made'.


    $1 Billion Set Aside for Online Acquisitions

    August 11, 2005
    By Claire Atkinson

    NEW YORK (AdAge.com) -- The News Corp.,

    “We have tens of billions of dollars of asset value in our news, sports and general entertainment businesses. While we monetize this value daily in the form of our TV shows, channels, films, books and newspapers, our priority now, which is our mandate, is to perfect a plan that will monetize them across the world on the Internet.”

    Strength in local content

    Mr. Murdoch stressed the company’s strength in local content, a potentially lucrative arena that rival Internet portals are still staking out. “With 35 owned local stations, 21 regional sports networks, a variety of print publications and more than 200 local Web sites, we already have the assets to be a dominant player on the Web.”


    Cheers !!

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