murder an crimes against women

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    Does some islamic splinter group think it is doing islam a favour by murdering muslim women for not observing a modesty decree? The most disgusting aspect of fundamental Islam is the belief among men that they should kill women for presumed offences against public modesty. The establishment of the fundamentalist Islamic state where the law and politics is in the hands of clergy must be stopped - far better that Islam operates as a religion within countries like Australia where the State runs the legal and judicial systems and Islam can emerge from its abhorrent excesses.

    The one advantage of Christianity is the separation of church and state which denied Christianity ultimate power and the excesses of the Inquisition. Fundamental Islam is an abomination which has to be separated from political power - from within Islam.

    ABC News:

    Suspected militants killed three young women in their homes just days after posters appeared in the disputed Jammu and Kashmir region ordering women to wear a veil.

    Two of the women, both aged 21, were shot dead in their house in the Rajouri district in the south of the revolt-torn Muslim-majority state.

    An official says a third woman, 22, was taken away and beheaded.

    Police say they are investigating a link between the killings and the new dress code.

    The official says posters signed by a little known group, Lashkar Jabbar, appeared in Rajouri town and neighbouring villages asking women not to step out of their homes without a veil.

    More than a dozen guerrilla groups are fighting Indian rule in Jammu and Kashmir, which is at the heart of more than 50 years of hostility with Pakistan.

    A few groups in the past have ordered women in the Kashmir valley to wear a veil, but the order was largely ignored.
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