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    Well I was saying ALL was a buy from $1.90 all the way down... did I get that one wrong? Some would say yes and in fact I lost money on that stock (for other reasons).

    With VCR I have followed the stock for some time but not in depth because I thought the stock was way too risky (as it was never implanted in humans).

    Now it has successfully been implanted in a patient successfully and it works I believe it's removed alot of the risk associated with the product. Risk still remains but I believe the risk reward equation now is better then when the stock was at $1 as the first human trial patient is still alive!

    As to ramping, I think it's natural to post on stocks you own because that's what your following. I don't say VCR will get taken over but I think it would make sense. Anyhow, if you want me to stop posting on VCR no problem.

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Currently unlisted public company.

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