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    Recently you have made noises saying VCR was too risky and not worth the punt and i have read your recent posts where you have been defending those thoughts and why you are now a holder of VCR. You have since become a high frequency VCR poster but what you post is utter rubbish and you muddy the waters with your crap about takeovers. Why don't you concern yourself with what is relevant?

    You bleeted about ALL continually when it was in the 1.90 trading range and proffered its virtues and takeover prospects and now you have moved your attention belatedly to VCR and continue with irrelevant rubbish re takeovers.

    You seem to love to push the takeover line with any stock you have an interest in. Is it ramping?

    You are a johnny come lately to VCR and i have no regard for your posts at the moment.

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Currently unlisted public company.

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