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munch is sooking

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    You can still buy...if the lummettes were rampers dont you think we prolly would be out by now considering most of us are in from 30c and under.
    We know the story and have been discussing the stock for months...we know its potential.

    I could find some figures for NRT if you like,showing fundamentally it could be called an overpriced pig,but i never call any stock over priced because there is something behind the scenes that makes it go up.

    You may just find LUM's market is better and bigger than NRT's and LUm is the leader in its field.
    Lums technology is proven and the deals are coming in.

    Sounds like sour grapes to me munch.

    Nice close by Lumacom today even after munches efforts,maybe the punters can see that you know nothing about what your talking about,I do.

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