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    the pillman knocks mul Yup - Love to knock this stock, i mean back in 99 when every dot com in the world was announcing strategic agreements with drink machine's and porn e-tailers (anyone remember D-Store's agreement with China dot com) we LOVED these babies

    Couldnt get enough

    Solution 6 went from Zero to $17 on the back of a coked up Director who signed agreements with "stretegic everyone" (and got busted for smuggling kilo's of MUL across the border)

    So forgive me for being sceptical as hell about a company with NO MONEY, NO INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY ON OFFER and almost a BILLION SHARES ON ISSUE . . .

    Work it out guys

    this means if they go to $1 a share, they become a BILLION DOLLAR COMPANY???

    Logic says this has issues. The director himself admits having to sell shares to pay a payroll tax bill?

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