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Mum Dad Investors Demand Better T/O Deal

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    Message to George Glasier & Western Uranium & Mike Haynes

    Offer Is Ludicrous

    Offer values Black Range at $18.5 Million

    ( This means BLR's 90 Milll Taylor/Hansen Resource equates to just 20.5cents Per Lb
    & values BLR's 50% investment in Ablation Uranium Recovery Technology at a ZERO ZIP Valuation )

    Top 20 BLR Holdings as of 02 Dec 2014

    Totals: Top 20 BLR holders of ORDINARY SHARES (GROUPED)
    1,526,497,673 ( 54.66 % )

    Total Remaining BLR Holders Balance 1,266,447,406 ( 45.34% )

    The small Mum & Dad Investors, along with Jim & Eric Coates controlling Ablation Patent interests have the capacity to place pressure on George Glasiers to increase their offer considerably !

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