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mum and dad investors unite

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    "WAYNE MCCRAE: There are only 51 million shares out. The top 52 per cent is held by the 27 shareholders. There are no institutions in the company, so mums and dads have actually made the money. The ordinary guy, the ordinary Aussie has actually made money out of this stock."

    My comments:

    1) TRH's director features in this script.

    2) TRH strikes a resemblance to CDU/AUM. After the options are exercised the share register will be similar to that of Cdu in 2006 (Less than 51 million). I don't believe there are any institutions on the register, so that leaves only Mums and Dads. Let history repeat please. Mum and Dads need to make money on the ASX LOL.

    Say No to manipulation and yes to a similar CDU/AUM 40 cent to $10 dollar share price rise over a few weeks.

    DYOR and only invest what you can afford to lose. TRH is a high risk play.
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Currently unlisted public company.

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